Developing a resilient and secure platform to empower smart environments.

Made by Researchers

When researchers lead the innovation processes, solutions push the boundaries of technology. We seek to lead innovation.

First of its kind

We are the first microservice based platform based on Fiware. Developed in Brazil, focused on the world.

Helix Sandbox

For Academics, Developers, and Startups

Spend your time designing your application and spreading knowledge.

A lightweight solution

Use a lightweight solution to improve your results.

Free to use

Create and delivery future applications and Internet services with low cost, effectiveness and environmental sustainability.


Enjoy our sandbox

An open source platform designed for Proofs of Concept, Startups Minimal Viable Product, Students, and Scientific Researches.

Get started

Build your smart application in a fast and easy way with the Helix Sandbox.


Helix Cloud Services

Deployed by specialists

Get an instance image deployed by our specialists to your cloud provider.

Advanced security features

We care about your data security, get constant updates and specialized software to keep your environment safe.

Dedicated live support

A specialized team will provide the support you need to get all your projects running.

Pay as you go

No wasted resources, your charges are based on usage. No requirements for users to deploy in-house hardware or software, all you need will be deployed in a cloud provider.



Become a user.

Unlock all additional features. Across all platforms. Boost up your productivity anytime, anywhere. Simply choose a plan, and we'll deploy your platform with all those additional features.


Coming Soon Package

$Special Offer

Helix Nebula

Customize your project

Nebula is a modular solution developed over Kubernetes that offers a four layers swarm architecture divided among Cloud, Fog, Edge and IoT levels providing high resilience and security.


All the information you need on any device. You will get custom dashboards with the best business intelligence


You can add more features, write your code, or change everything. It's all up to you.


A platform with the necessary elements for your environment.

Legal Base

All your data legally secure following the data protection laws.

Up to date

As you can see in the sandbox source code, we provided a clean code.


When you sign in for a nebula project, a specialized team will always be there to help.

All in one solution for your Smart Environment.

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