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Our Mission

To build solutions to empower smart environments more resilient and security.

Our Vision

Being a leader in the global market and growing participation in the worldwide.

From The Founder

We intend to develop a resilient, secure and easy-to-use platform to support the development of applications for Smart Environments.

We faced great difficulties in using the platforms for IoT, which led us to question the existing models and architecture. In partnership with Albérico, we saw an excellent opportunity to create a solution with the initial purpose of supporting startups, developers and researchers in projects that use FIWARE.

To gain recognition, we first decided to create an integration and orchestration interface for modules and services to make the use of FIWARE simple and easy, as well as help spread this fascinating platform to anyone who wants to innovate and build their applications.

Helix Sandbox is our first step toward Helix Nebula platform and integrates the essentials for the development of smart applications. Our platform enables you to deploy the major FIWARE components in any virtualization or cloud computing environment.

Try the Helix sandbox and enjoy its facilities!

Fábio H. Cabrini
Co-founder & CEO
Fiware Evangelist


The events timeline of our activities.

  1. The Call

    It was during a phone call that our idea of developing a system for easy deploy of IoT Platforms starts to takes shape.

  2. We Reach the Moon


    We reached the first step in our path to the Helix Nebula. The Moon the first beta version of Helix Sandbox.

  3. Fish Lunch

    A break to celebrate and readjust our goals.

  4. IoT Latin America 2018

    We present at IoT Latin America 2018, the largest IoT event in Latin America, featuring Helix Sandbox. Seven startups also presented their porjects using the helix as a platform.

  5. Powered by FIWARE


    The Helix Sandbox has received the FIWARE Foundation seal of Powered by FIWARE Platform.

  6. The New Guy!

    A new member joins the team, amazing things are coming.

  7. Crossing Jupiter Orbit


    Helix Sandbox NG is out. Enjoy Jupiter, the stabel version of our sandbox. New Interface, New Deploy mode, New technology. We made it!

  8. First Official Integrator


    Long live our partnership. Helix and Konitech joined forces to develop focused IoT solutions in the industrial environment.

  9. Road to Helix Nebula

    We still have a long way to Helix Nebula; every new version is a fantastic achievement for our project.

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